Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pictures of course

Passing through Switzerland on our way to St. Tropez

The view from our room in St.Tropez

The pool...which I swam in almost every day

Port Grimaud, I think it's absolutely beautiful there

La Gendarmerie Nationale!

Hiking...eating lunch on the steps of a chapel....hiking

Grimaud again, I love the flowers! I love how there are so many flowers growing in France in general, it's wonderful.

Bowling for my birthday! (the bowling ball never made it to the end, so we used another one)

The two most amazing cakes I have ever seen. They tasted good too! I still can't believe my (host) mom isn't a professional cake maker. I guess French people just know how to cook, which makes sense, seeing as they're known for their cuisine.

Ok now my measly pumkin pie is dwarfing in comparison.....If only there was a way for everyone to know what it smelled like fresh out of the oven!

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