Friday, December 4, 2009

November, the month des anniversaires!

Month of Birthdays a very fitting title, I think.

First up, me, of course.

November 7th.
I recieved so many wonderful gifts too! I was honestly very surprised at so many birthday wishes and presents.

I got presents from both families (in the U.S. and France), presents from friends in Premiére and Terminale at school, presents from the neighbors, and so many happy birthday wishes! I am glad to know so many people care about me. I'm also glad that it didn't make me homesick, because I realize something like that really has the potential to bring on thoughts of family and friends who are currently far away.

I think everyone for making my birthday such a special event here in France.

Following were the birthdays of Clémence, my host sister, now 7 years old. The brithday of Fred, my host father, and the birthday of the great grandmother.
The weekend after my birthday there was a party for Clémence, Fred, and I. Lots of family members showed up. Muriel, my host mom, made two absolutely gorgeous and absolutely delicious cakes!

November 19th
I made a pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!
In honor of Thanksgiving and for my English class with the assisstant I made a pumpkin pie. I've got to admit that it wasn't very easy. I had to convert mesurements and temperature, and make some other alterations to the two recipes I was using to male the pumpkin pie. After taking most Wednesday night to make it I finally finished. It smelled so good and I was very tempted to eat a slice right then! Luckily, I have good self-control.

I brought it to class that Friday and shared it with my class. I think they all enjoyed it. Personally I found it a little watery, the taste wasn't as strong as usual, but I think this is for the better. I've discovered that sometimes it's better when foreign food has a mild taste than a strong one, because it's something new and eating something new with a strong taste can be a bit shocking.

Overall I was very proud of myself.
Also I got to explain the history of Thanksgiving, including the fact that my ancestor, Constance Hopkins, was one of the very first pilgrims, one of the people who ate the very first Thanksgiving dinner with the Native Americans.

I know that there is more that I want to say, but I can't exactly remember what right now...

So for now the end of yet another post.

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  1. I made a pumpkin pie too! yours looks better than mine...

    happy late birthday!