Friday, March 5, 2010

Jan-Febr-uary, because I have been busy and now have to write about two months

Well the new year started off great!

I can speak French, I'm in France, and I have so many wonderful friends and a wonderful host family!!

I spent the new year with a group of friends. We had a good time playing some rather theatrical makes sense seeing how many take theater class (including me).

Also in January I learned how to make the "gallette" for the "gallette des rois." Inside of it is a little hidden figurine. Whoever ends up with it is the king (or queen) for the day and gets to wear a crown.

January 13th was the celebration of my name!! The day of Saint Yvette! I never even knew this existed before, but it was nice hearing my family, friends, and even history and theater teachers tell me "joyeuse fete!"

I visited a city in Germany for the day with some friends. It was a little difficult since I don't know any German really, except for a few words. Oh well. It was nice hanging out with my friends, anyway. It was also pretty funny when we tried to order milkshakes and ended up with a tiny scoop of ice cream.

Apparently they've had a lot of snow here in comparison to previous years. Although I come from Maine, and for me it doesn't seem like a lot. I was glad to see the snow, though. Without snow it just doesn't seem like winter.

The next post will be about february break, I'll try and write it soon!