Sunday, March 15, 2009

Floorcloth Raffle

My mother and I painted this floorcloth by hand and we are raffling it off at several different locations as a fundraiser for France. It's dimensions are 8' 5" x 5' 6.5" Listed below are the places and dates of where the floorcloth will be displayed for anyone interested in buying a raffle ticket.

Avalon Antiques       Rte 1                        Wiscasset          3/14 – 3/22
Wiscasset High School                             Wiscasset          3/23 – 3/26
On Board Fabrics                                      Edgecomb          3/27 – 4/4
Wiscasset Middle School                         Wiscasset          4/6 – 4/10
Kindred     Main St. Center Building      Damariscotta    4/10 – 4/18
Floor Magic and Tile    Biscay Rd.          Damariscotta    4/18 – 4/25

More businesses will be posted for the month of May. The drawing will be on June 6th.
Tickets are 2.00 each, 6 for 10.00 or 15 for 20.00


  1. Yvette - What a beautiful floorcloth! Be sure to bring the raffle tickets to school - I'll take 15 tickets. Great idea to raise money and let us follow your adventures with a blog. I'm adding it to my rss feed. While we'll miss you while you are in France, it'll be wonderful to hear about (and see pictures of) your adventures. All the best - Ms. Sutter

  2. Yes, simply gorgeous! I will be buying raffle tickets as well. I am also following your blog with the rss feed.